Finding seats to upcoming Astros games will soon be getting a lot more difficult, and most fans are heading online to score seats.

“Buyer beware for buying tickets to high-profile events like this one,” said Houston ticket broker Kayla Ramsay.

Ramsay says fans should personally know the seller of the tickets they are buying. She says she has already been hearing stories from customers who bought tickets from scammers.

“Some have told me, 'Oh, I bought these tickets off Craigslist, and they were e-mailable, and they don’t work,” Ramsay said. “Well, sometimes that venue doesn’t even have e-mailable tickets, so of course they’re not going to work.”

An Astros spokeswoman said fans should buy tickets from the team directly online or go to the ticket booths.

Ramsay says some fans are able to print the tickets they purchase from the Astros website and then print them in duplicate, selling one set of them. She says the first one to the door in this case ends up with the seats.

The ticket broker says technology has gotten advanced and the fake tickets look nearly as good as the real ones. Ramsay says she buys tickets from individuals and has a program that identifies fake tickets.