HOUSTON – The Houston Astros look to nab their first victory in the World Series when Justin Verlander takes the mound Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Verlander will face rich Hill of the Dodgers. LA took Game 1 with great pitching from Clayton Kershaw.

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#HoustonStrong #EarnHistory

But Super Springer topped them all! pic.twitter.com/BB6NJ9GiW9

— MLB (@MLB) October 26, 2017

This #WorldSeries is all tied up. Wow. pic.twitter.com/RCw1nbRV5u

— MLB (@MLB) October 26, 2017

Perfect time for a Springer Dinger!

Springer with a two-run shot! #Astros up 7-5! pic.twitter.com/DGI4t04eI7

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 26, 2017

George hits a 2-run shot and it's 7-5 @astros in the 11th. This game is NUTS. #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/kRn0EabBRr

— MLB (@MLB) October 26, 2017

On a side note - FREE TACOS!

Maybin getting things going in the 11th.

Here we go.

Top of the #Astros lineup coming up in the 11th. Let's go! #EarnHistory pic.twitter.com/yznqWc86jx

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 26, 2017

All tied up now

Dodgers close the gap.


It's 4-3 @Astros in the 10th! Unreal. #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/pcstNWQs3o

— MLB (@MLB) October 26, 2017

This isn't over yet!


Correa gets things going in the top of the 8th.

Single up the middle scores Bregman to make it a one-run game! #EarnHistory pic.twitter.com/EhX3lzXd1d

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 26, 2017

Harris trying to keep the 'Stros in Game 2.

Bregman, Altuve and Correa due up for the #Astros. pic.twitter.com/i1LxBZZ0Is

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 26, 2017

A little bit of deja vu for the 'Stros.

We've got 7-8-9 of the #Astros order due up. #EarnHistory pic.twitter.com/6KUmXAqxRf

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 26, 2017

There’s nothing like the #WorldSeries. pic.twitter.com/hJsla6b9jx

— MLB (@MLB) October 26, 2017

Dodgers get one against Verlander.

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Verlander's counterpart is done for the night.

Verlander shows no signs of slowing down.

Kate Upton watching fiance Justin Verlander bring it in Game 2.

Bregman drives in the first run for the 'Stros.

RBI single puts the #Astros on the board! pic.twitter.com/7gIDvvre6o

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 26, 2017

Justin Verlander off to a hot start.

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Astros fans earlerly await for their team to start hitting.

Back in Houston, we’ve got a packed house for the Watch Party! pic.twitter.com/dh8RPKCdqp

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 26, 2017

Astros continue to struggle at the plate.

Even 'Stros fans have to appreciate this Dodgers legend.


Back here in Houston at teh "Juice Box" ...

Jose Altuve collected a little hardware before Game 2.

Time to enjoy that wager with New York.

A preview of tonight's performance.

Who will be taking the mound for Games 3 and 4?

Game 3: Lance McCullers Jr.
Game 4: Charlie Morton#EarnHistory

— Houston Astros (@astros) October 25, 2017

Your Astros line-up for Game 2.

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Love it!

Yes, we'll take one of each please.

Looking for some old school digs?

Mayor Turner has a little wager going with the LA mayor.

City Council showing the team spirit Wednesday.

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