HARRIS COUNTY, Texas- It’s the power of the prayer beads. Every time these rosaries sell out, the Astros win big.

People believed so much, they waited outside Annunciation Catholic Church Saturday, ahead of Game 7 against the Yankees. The Church restocked the rosaries twice and sold out. The Astros won and advanced to the World Series.

“I believe in the power of the prayer,” said Maria Esther Aguilera from her home in northwest Harris County.

Her work space is a TV tray. Orange scissors and blue players are by her side as she spends about 20 minutes making a single rosary.

“Something that started out very simple, and now look,” gushed the 52-year old woman. “Everyone needs to hold on to something.”

Aguilera learned how to make rosaries three years ago in 2014. The same year Sports Illustrated predicted the Astros would win the World Series in 2017.

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And, in an effort to #EarnHistory, Annunciation Catholic Church began selling the Astros-themed prayer beads this season.

Annunciation is the oldest Catholic church in Houston and in need of repair. The donations collected from Rosary sales will help with renovations.

Last week, Jim Crane who owns the Astros bought a Rosary. The prayer beads are popular with non-Catholics who believe the rosaries are linked to Astros wins.

“I don’t want the people to say Maria said if we pray then we can win. Maybe! If we believe, everything can happen,” said Aguilera.