Inside Kenny and Ziggy's Delicatessen, friendship can falter with the swing of a bat.

There's Beverly and Bonnie. Beverly is a big time New York Yankees fan. Bonnie loves her Houston Astros. They're two friends that for the next few weeks will be foes as they watch the Yankees and Astros fight for a spot in the World Series.

Owner Ziggy Gruber says it's clear his deli is divided, and so is he.

"I'm very torn with this whole thing, because I do love the Astros," Gruber said.

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This world-renowned deli is full of New Yorkers, but it sits in one of Houston's busiest spots.

Astros fans are easy to spot.

"They swear they're going to win, they make fun of me because I'm a Yankee," Beverly said.

There's nothing wrong with a little trash talking or a friendly wager. There's a lot on the line for these ladies.

"Hope that they win, cause if the Yankees don't, you know it happens, but I lose a lot of money," Beverly said.

Across town at Gotham Pizza, there's one thing own Earl Spielman loves more than his special pizza sauce, and that's the Yankees.

"We wish they weren't playing each other, but they are so you got to root from where your heart is," Spielman said.

One thing these Yankee fans all agree on is starting tomorrow, they're the underdogs.

"The Astros are kicking it lately," Beverly said.

So may the best team win.