Greis Perez missed six Astros games all year.

Though she couldn't go to the clinching Game 4 against the Boston Red Sox in Boston, she was watching. Or at least trying.

"I was here at work listening to the radio, trying to get out so I could go watch the game," Perez said. "By the 5th inning, I was like, 'I have to leave.' Then I got home, and I wanted to puke, because I said, 'They have to win. I don't want them playing Game 5.'"

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Perez has been a faithful fan since the 1980s.

"It's my passion," she said. "I love baseball. You've gotta invest in what you want to invest in."

Her father sparked her interest back when Craig Biggio was coming up with the Astros. Her investment into the team continued over the years.

"It's super emotional," Perez said. "When you're a fan and you have to watch a team go through all the bad years, losing 100 games for 2 to 3 years in a row and no one ever going to the games, it's hard."

She's had season tickets for the last four years, suffering through some of the worst years in franchise history. The Houston Chronicle featured her story back in 2013, calling her "The Last Loyal Astros Fan."

"But to see them excel like they have for the past few years, especially this season, this team, it's been amazing," she said.

Her office is an homage to all things Astros. She even has a tattoo on her leg of the old Astros logo.

Perez said a trip to the World Series would mean another tattoo for her, adding the trip and win in the series would mean much more for the city.

"To be able to celebrate something else rather than the devastation and have to worry about that for a few weeks, even a few days, is helpful," Perez said. "Hopefully, there will be a parade."

Another super fan told KHOU 11 News on Twitter he bought a "haunted wolf necklace" on eBay for good luck. He said he'll continue wearing as long as the Astros are in the playoffs because "the ghost wolf is helping us achieve greatness."