HOUSTON - Several Astros players and Orbit visited patients at Houston Methodist Hospital this week, bringing cheer to those who are ill and their families.

Edward Kascak considers himself a blessed man. He was at Methodist Hospital earlier this week for a liver transplant but the organ failed shortly after the transplant.

Edward Kascak and his wife talk to Astros players at Methodist Hospital.

He then had to have a second liver transplant later in the week and now he’s in recovery.

It’s been an emotional week, but his wife Anne says having the Astros visit him Thursday at Methodist Hospital really lifted his spirits.

Dennis Moses with Astros players.

Dennis Moses, another patient, is an avid Astros fan who lives in Louisiana. He recently had a kidney transplant and his spirits were lifted by meeting Alex Bregman, Tyler White and Max Stassi.

Juan Negrete Rodriguez has to wear a surgical mask in attempt to avoid picking up airborne viruses and bacteria but that didn’t stop him from seeing Astros players on Thursday.

Dennis Moses talks to Astros players at Methodist Hospital

David Newman of Galveston has been a season ticket holder since the Colt 45’s. He recently had a heart operation and he loved getting to talk baseball with the Astros players.

Brannon Edwards and his wife with Astros players

Brannon Edwards of Odessa arrived in Houston in November awaiting a heart operation. He’s been at Methodist Hospital since then.

He and his wife say they’re big Texas Rangers fans but Brannon says he started following the Astros early last season because of their great offense. On Thursday, he got to meet some of the Astros that he watched so often on TV.

He says about his Houston hospital stay,”..being here is like being with family.”

David Newman with Astros players and Astros mascot, Orbit.