Whether it’s wearing a hat, jersey, or custom handbag, Houstonians are doing everything they can to help the Astros win game one of the World Series.

Several fans at the Team Store at Minute Maid Park shared their superstitions with KHOU 11 News Tuesday.

“Well you have to wear your jersey on game day, right? I’ll be there on Friday night, so I’m here buying my good luck charm here,” said Eddie Shell.

“If everybody’s in a certain position and they start doing good, then we have to stay in that position. If I’m in the kitchen, they tell me, ‘Go back to the kitchen, stay where you were!” Lucy Mares said.

“We eat at the same restaurant every single time we come, follow the same path, take the same exit, leave at the same time from our office. So yeah, we’re pretty superstitious about what we do,” said Porfidio Hernandez.

And Hernandez’s friend is just as superstitious.

“Every single playoff game, we seat in the same seat, he walks in with the wrong ticket and sits in the wrong seat, every single time,” he added.

Viewers also shared their game day routines and superstitions on the KHOU 11 News Facebook page.

Jose Gonzalez wrote, “Not wash my jersey havent washed since the start of the playoffs”

Chris Vanderslice says he does the opposite: “I’m close to that. I MUST wash mine after any playoff losses. Gotta was off the bad juju from that loss.”

“Not watching, everytime I watch they lose,” wrote Jamie Jones.