Astros fans partied early. Many left game two of the team’s playoff game against Boston before the seventh-inning confident Houston had the game won. They also expressed excitement about what’s next.

Along Texas Avenue near Crawford, fans leaving Minute Maid Park high-fived one another and celebrated the team’s second-straight playoff win. The Astros are one win away from qualifying for the American League Championship Series.

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“I would just be able to die happy (if they win),” said Shirley Miller of Conroe.

The 81-year-old bought tickets to both games one and two and carried a sign that said, “This is on my bucket list.”

“Number one (on my list), of course, is the World Series,” she said. “These are just the steps they’re taking to get there.”

Being an afternoon game, some skipped work to attend.

“I couldn’t send him to school,” Nick Swope, a refinery worker said about his fifth-grade son, Noah. “I couldn’t go to work. So we had to play hooky and he got a doctor’s note from dear old dad.”

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Clayton Cumay held up a sign that said, “Tell mom we’re at the dentist.” He was supposed to be at school at St. Ann’s. Instead, he and two friends went to the game. One of his buddies, Charlie Ramirez, is the son of a first-grade teacher there. His dad helped them skip class.

“Our teacher told us that if we lost, it was our fault,” Ramirez said.

Sure, winning can soothe. But fans said the atmosphere helps, too.

“Yesterday, after (Jose) Altuve hit three home runs, it was nuts,” Miguel Ramirez said. “I couldn’t sleep last night. I got more excited to come to the game today. I definitely saw a lot of excitement everywhere. It’s amazing. It’s an incredible feeling.”

Fans feel the best is about two weeks away when the World Series starts.