HOUSTON - The excitement for Game 7 of the ALCS reached a whole new level for one fan.

Just as Jesse Outlaw was settling into his seat at Minute Maid Park Saturday night, he got a text from his wife saying she was going into labor.

Hours after the Astros punched their ticket to the World Series, Jesse's wife Brittany gave birth to Jonathan Royce Outlaw, the couple's third child. The baby boy was seven pounds, 10 ounces, 18 and a half inches.

"We were thinking about naming him Yuli but we didn't," said Jesse. "We got a lot of suggestions for Orbit."

A friend called earlier in the day on Saturday asking Jesse if he wanted to get a ticket for face value.

Brittany, being the "cool" wife and mom she is, let him go, so long as he kept his phone close.

Both were also confident she wouldn't be three weeks early.

"As Charlie Morton is walking up to throw the first pitch, I get a phone call and it's Brittany," Jesse said. "And I'm like 'I really hope this isn't what I think it is' and she said 'I'm pretty sure my water broke.'"

Outlaw thought his wife was just over-eager after the first pitch but 30 minutes later Brittany called again, saying it was the real deal.

"I took my sweet time finding my way out of the stadium and got to see about an inning and half worth but I stared long and hard at the re-entry sign before I finally just walked out and made to the hospital," Jesse said.

Brittany delivered this healthy boy after the Astros won, with husband Jesse still dressed like the fan he is.

"His birthday will always be very memorable and very special," Brittany said. "He's a little Astros baby for life. We'll never forget that night for sure."

Jesse went to four playoff games this year and the Astros won all four.

He's hoping the Astros will give him a ticket for a World Series game to make up for missing Game 7.