Houston Astros fans with high hopes landed in Los Angeles Monday. However, people already there on both sides are going to extremes to will their team to victory.

Forget flash cards, Dodgers fan Brian Durazo could not focus on the physiology test he was supposed to be taking Monday evening.

“I’m holding myself up,” he said. “I should be going (to class).”

He was more worried, though, about his Dodgers.

After the team’s roller coaster loss to Houston Sunday, Durazo felt buying new Dodgers swag is his team’s cure.

Twenty minutes north of Dodger Stadium, Army Staff Sergeant Ramiro Rodriguez, who grew up in Houston but now works as a recruiter in California’s Simi Valley, felt his Astros cannot lose as long as he’s in front of his “shrine of orange.”

He claims an in-game ritual that involves touching Astros’ t-shirts, towels and mugs displayed in his living room can will his ‘Stros to victory.

“Anytime we’re in a clutch situation I go and I touch everything because I feel like that gives the Astros power,” he said.

Rodriguez believes his Uncle Benny, a lifelong fan who died last may, plays no small part.

“He’s watching the games,” Rodriguez said. “I know he’s watching. He’s up there rooting for us, you know. He’s there with us.”