WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Getting to the Houston Astros' clubhouse at the new Ballpark of the Palm Beaches can be a spring workout in itself.

There are dirt roads to traverse, stray nuts and bolts to avoid and paper signs taped to ceilings telling interlopers which corridors they may not take.

Once there, though, it's easy to see why the Astros are so excited to have ended their 30-plus year stay in Kissimmee.

The half-full clubhouse was oddly quiet Wednesday for the first day of workouts for pitchers and catchers until a member of the construction crew walked with one of the Astros clubhouse managers to the audio/video control unit mounted on one of the walls.

Suddenly Queen's "Bicycle Race" blared from the ceiling-mounted speakers.

Check another item off the list.

"It's more than we need," catcher Brian McCann said. "It's first class in all sense of the word."

The clubhouse itself is at least the size of the Astros' locker room at Minute Maid Park, if not bigger. On Wednesday, all of the 10 large flat-screen televisions were either dark or displayed an internal setup menu.

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