"Let’s go Astros. Let’s get loud and proud. Let’s just do this," screamed an Astros fan who dawned an orange face outside a rally for the team that's playing the New York Yankees Monday night.

An orange October is exactly what Houston needs after such an awful August.

"We needed this. We just went through Harvey," said Charles Rodriguez. "So it’s a lot of people who, you know, don’t have homes, don’t have nothing. So we have something to cheer for right now, you know? It just brings the city together."

From first-time fans scooping up shirts to the Astros players themselves, if you take a moment, you can spot the deeper meaning.

"You know, we wanted to do whatever we could," said Astros outfielder Derek Fisher. "We weren’t here when we got hit by Harvey. So now being able to help build this city back up, and have something that people can smile about and cheer about and take their mind off of things that were so bad for so long, we really want to do that."

Mayor Sylvester Turner called for an "orange out." The Harris County sheriff encouraged his deputies to wear Astros gear, too.

"Obviously, we want to keep this rolling as long as we can, and obviously to the World Series. The City of Houston deserves this, and we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it," Fisher said.