When it comes to finding a life-long companion, the dream for any sports fan is to find a significant other who supports their addiction.

Basketball writer Eric Fawcett did just that when he got married on August 6th. To convey his love, Fawcett decided to use sports references to show the commitment he has made to his new wife.

Fawcett, who prides himself for his ability to mix sports and comedy, says it only took him 45 minutes to write the vows. Even though Fawcett knows the references are lighthearted - he was 100 percent serious about them.

"As a guy sometimes you struggle to get your feelings out, and I wanted my vows to be genuine and from the heart, and the best way I could get those feelings out were with sports references," Fawcett said.

To show his love, Fawcett promised, "to hold on to (his wife) like Kobe held on to the ball." He said he would love his future wife like "J.R. Smith loves shooting contested jump shots," support her work "like a J.J. Reddick transition 3," be as loyal to his wife "as Tim Duncan was loyal to the Spurs," and "in everything I promise to trust the process" as an ode to Joel Embiid.

We wish Fawcett and his wife all the best. May your marriage be as merry as Michael Jordan's NBA career.