Katy resident Calum Neff has won another major race.

Neff finished first Sunday at the Wings for Life World Run; a unique event which has no finish line, but instead has a catcher car that ends the race only when it surpasses the lead runner, which was Neff.

The 2017 Wings for Life World Run took place in 111 locations, including destination race venues and organized APP runs globally, encompassing 155,288 participants in the world’s only synchronized global race, according to a news release. The race also says 100% of the money raised goes toward the goal of finding a cure for spinal cord injury. 

“I drew most of my energy on the course from friends, some of which I have known for 10 years, whom are in wheelchairs living with disabilities,” said Neff, 30, according to Red Bull and Wings for Life World Run.  “One of my dad’s friends was afflicted with paralysis from a paragliding accident, he was young and in his 50s so I saw effect paralysis had firsthand.

“I was leading for about the first mile, my pace was faster than intended but the weather was cooler - so I kept the pace,” Neff added.  “At 35 kilometers I passed the leader, then after cramping up I let out a bellow of a roar, screamed and kept going.  I was literally holding the front bumper of the catcher car trying to stay ahead of it until it sounded its horn.”

Neff is a Canadian distance runner who competed at the University of Houston and owns Guinness World Records for running with a stroller, as KHOU 11 News' Jason Bristol reported in March.  

More than 3,500 runners of all abilities participated in Neff's race in Florida.

(Some video used in this story is provided by Red Bull.)