On a big day for college football - National Signing Day - Texas A&M got a visit from an old friend.

Johnny Manziel made his way to Aggieland for signing day, hanging around the Aggies and working out with the A&M quarterbacks. Manziel denied a request for an interview with KAGS, but said he was happy to be back in Aggieland to help however he could. He did, however, speak at length with Sumlin, having what Sumlin called a pointed and direct conversation.

"Where he is right now is in a good place." Sumlin said. "I think his ability to maintain being in that place is not just on him but on everyone around him to support him. That's where I come in and that's where people in his life come in. Him being here and being the way he was this morning and being sincere - we're always going to be here for him."