Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians fans are gearing up for an historic World Series. A title will end a longtime drought for either team.

KHOU 11 investigative reporter Jeremy Rogalski is a diehard Cubs fan hailing from the Windy City.

Investigative reporter Scott Noll is originally from Cleveland and is sporting his Chief Wahoo.

Things got a little competitive between the two of them, so they took it outside.

“You know, Scott, we’re both investigative reporters, but there’s no investigation needed for who’s got the better team and who’s the bigger fan,” Rogalski teased.


Nicholas Wrigley Rogalski at his first Cubs game in 2006

thinks his team deserves the win -- despite all the injuries, the Indians grind it out.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Cleveland wants it more,” Noll said. “What Jeremy won’t tell you is Chicago had the Bulls, Chicago has the Blackhawks.”

Rogalski clearly has Chi-Town history. He even named his son Nicholas Wrigley after the field he lived only blocks away from.

Noll has his fair share of stories.

“If you got a single ‘A’ on your report card, you got free seats to the Indians games,” he said.

Both are bringing their hometown pride, and the bets are in.

“If Cleveland wins, you have to take that growing forehead of yours and get Chief Wahoo tattooed,” Noll said.

“Cubs win, you have to wear Cubs boxer shorts in the newsroom and sing our anthem,” Rogalski said.