Wisconsin basketball forward Nigel Hayes spent some of his Friday arguing why student-athletes deserve to be paid by conferences who make millions off their games.

Then, he spent Saturday holding a sign during ESPN’s College GameDay in a what appeared to be a protest of sorts.

Here’s the sign, no doubt a nod to the smart fan who recently asked for “beer money” and posted his Venmo username:

The Venmo username Hayes wrote doesn’t appear to link to his own account.

Here are some of Hayes’ tweets from Friday, which include a snapshot from a USA TODAY Sports story:

Fair, right? https://t.co/Hy3yKP42hH

— Nigel Hayes (@NIGEL_HAYES) October 14, 2016

My scholarship is about $160,00.

If only there was enough money to pay us.. pic.twitter.com/EPV1d0I16X

— Nigel Hayes (@NIGEL_HAYES) October 14, 2016