FRIENDSWOOD - Tyler Page has worn the Mustang helmet for a while now and each time he puts it on, he feels the same way.

“It’s an honor because I take my job very seriously,” says Page. “I need to lead the team on and off the field. I have to work hard and lead by example.”

This dual threat quarterback is Friendswood through and through. He got his first action as a freshman racking up 100 yards right off the bat.

That moment seems like a long time ago.

“It is crazy,” says Page. “I was able to tell the difference each year by how I’ve gotten better, how much hard work can do because each year I’ve gotten bigger, faster and stronger.”

Page has steadily improved and this past year, he worked on passing accuracy.

“That’s what could set this team apart is if we can throw the ball,” says Page.

As a dual threat quarterback, he loves the challenge of making the right read. Keep it? Or let it fly.

“You kind of naturally develop a timer in your head when someone is about to tackle you,” says Page. “On a pass play, I know my reads, I’m looking at certain guys making my decisions. If no one is open, that’s when I decide to run the ball.”

Like several teammates, he enjoys hunting and fishing away from the field but a business degree is what is in his future as he’s committed to play at SMU.

“It’s always been a dream of mine since I was little, playing NCAA Football when I was little,” Page says.

He adds he wouldn’t be who he is without the help of his teammates.