A former Dallas high school basketball star accused of beating another player to death, is now charged with sexual assault in a separate case.

Police arrested Johnathan Turner last week at Ranger Junior College in West Texas where he goes to school and is a member of the basketball team.

Turner is on probation for manslaughter in connection with the 2014 death of 18-year-old Troy Causey Jr. The two were roommates as well as high school basketball rivals when they got into a fight one night after arguing over a video game.

Turner admitted to punching Causey who then fell in the street, hit his head and then died.

Causey's mother, Tammy Simpson of Dallas is asking the Dallas County District Attorney to revoke Turner's probation.

"I'm calling for the maximum amount allowed," said Simpson. "He should get twenty years, because he was given a chance and he blew it."

The alleged victim in Ranger says Turner raped her while she slept and then threatened her if she told authorities. Turner is still in jail. His bond is set at $300,000.