HOUSTON – Two of the world’s best soccer sides played a historic match at NRG Stadium Thursday night.

Manchester City and Manchester United faced each other for the first time outside the United Kingdom.

Chants from fans of both teams echoed around NRG Park. Footie fans from all over savored “Manchester Derby.”

“It’s really cool (because) going to England is way harder than (coming to Houston),” Caleb Heath, a Man U fan from Canada said. “So getting to see my team that I can only watch on TV is cool.”

Heath’s mom brought him from Vancouver.

“I booked the hotel before they even announced that this was the city (hosting the game) because I figured after that it’d be (difficult),” she said.

Before the game, Hip Hop and R&B star Drake performed two songs during a pop-up concert in Emancipation Park.

Man City fans partied at Little Woodrow’s while one of the team’s stars exchanged jerseys and took a photo with JJ Watt.

Man United posted video of the Houston Texans cheerleaders chanting for the Red Devils. Outside the stadium, even children talked a bit of trash.

“Manchester United is (worse) than Manchester City,” said Preston Monroe, a Man City fan.

Elizabeth Monroe’s family from The Woodlands really came for the worker bee, a symbol of unity in the city both teams share which is a place still hurting after the terrorist attack earlier this year.

“That means a lot,” Monroe said. “They are donating a lot of money to the victims. It’s going to be a very emotional game.”

Manchester United won the match 2-0, but afterward fans said the score hardly felt most important.