Trelon Smith makes running the ball look easy and he does it with style.

“I always wear my gold cleats every chance I get,” Smith said.

And each yard he gains, people notice.

“My brother, he doesn’t make it any better,” Smith said after practice at NRG Stadium on Tuesday. “My little brother, he always comes up to me saying ‘Man, Tre, you know how many yards you got?’”

“I’m just thinking to myself, man Jesus really blessed me.”

For the Cy Ridge senior, the blessing is that he can still run because just 5 years in the 8th grade, he received some troubling news.

“Went to the doctor and they said I had a tumor on my knee,” Smith said.

Which at the time wasn’t a grave concern, but it wasn’t long before that changed.

“Continuing to play football, it grew bigger and bigger and it was eating my bone out,” Smith said. “Actually, my sophomore year I was playing with cracks in my knee”

Well in a game against Cy Springs, a routine hit, was too much for the damaged bone to handle.

“When they dug the tumor out, there was a big hole in my knee and they filled it in with cement, some type of cement,” Smith said. “I just stayed prayed up to just get back.”

A district MVP his junior year and a 2,000 yard season right now makes clear why he has so much faith.

“You know, every time I come out on the field, I let everything go.”

Just try stopping him, because no one has been able to yet.