BETHANY, Okla. - Former Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss resigned from his position as head coach at Southwestern Christian University following a documentary that aired Friday on Showtime.

“Disgraced” examined the 2003 murder of Baylor basketball star Patrick Dennehy by his teammate Carlton Dotson. The documentary also showcased accusations against the University and Bliss.

SCU President Dr. Reggies Wenyikia said he accepted Bliss’ resignation early Monday and the university’s prayers and wishes are with him as he transitions. A search has already started for Bliss' replacement

Wenyikia affirmed his commitment to seeking new leadership in a manner that is consistent with the University’s beliefs, standards and policies.

"I have tasked a committee with commencing an immediate search and making a final recommendation for a new head coach to the Athletic Director and me. As president, I would like to reiterate the University's commitment to ensuring the success of our student athletes on and off the field or court and look forward to the next participation season with new leadership in our men's basketball program.” - Dr. Reggies Wenyika

Bliss resigned from Baylor in 2003 after school investigators found violations within his program involving improper financial aid and drug tests that were not properly reported. He coached the team for four years.

In 2005, the NCAA issued Bliss a 10-year show-cause penalty. He took on the head coaching role at SCU in 2015.