Despite the fact the Broncos will not be playing in Super Bowl LI, several Denver families are reminded of the glory only one year ago.

“It was awesome. That was an awesome win,” said new parents Bree and Shaun Wolfe.

Both Denver natives the Wolfes have been married four years. As any good Bronco fan would, they fondly remember watching the big game last February.

“We were maybe a little excited that they won,” they said laughing.

To fully understand just how excited they were consider the fact they had been trying to have kids for the past four years.

Then consider the jubilation of the Broncos win.

Then listen to them when they say “do the math.”

“I think the math is obvious,” they said laughing to each other. “When you're having fun and you're celebrating and loving life and loving your football team you get happy. It's the best way to put it. You celebrate.”

Hudson Wolfe was born on a Thursday in November.

Nine months after the Broncos Super Bowl victory.

“That's the one thing maybe as a parent that he doesn't have a choice about is his team,” Bree said laughing. “He bleeds orange and blue.”

It was a celebration the Wolfe family deserved.

“The thing I wanted to be most in this life was a mom and, you know, you never imagine it's going to be hard,” Bree said as her eyes began to water. “You don't expect ‘I'm going to get married and have a hard time getting pregnant.’”

Four years of new marriage brought with it three miscarriages.

“I struggled,” Bree said.

It is a difficult burden for any woman, especially one who works in the nursery of Rose Medical Center.

“It pierced the heart a little bit,” Bree recalled. “There were times I would help a mom through labor and she would just have her baby and I'd have to run out into the hallway and cry and just lose it.”

Bree and Shaun may have lost ‘it’ but they never lost hope; not with the prospect of memories they can now create with Hudson.

“He's redeeming and he still gave us the desire of our hearts and here he is,” they echoed.

Some of us live our lives in anticipation of Murphy's law. For a family that had every reason to do the same it was about time serendipity got it right.

“Now we have him it's just such a miracle for us,” Shaun said.

They are not alone in having a Super Bowl baby.

This past November, nine months after the Broncos victory, some Denver hospitals say they saw as many as 20 to 30 more births than normal.