LEAGUE CITY, Texas-The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for much of the day Saturday. While temperatures sat in the 90’s, with the humidity, it felt like triple-digit heat outside.

Twelve teams from across the U.S. sweat through the heat for the Major League Quidditch Championship.

The tournament is being held at the Hometown Heroes Park off the League City Parkway. Teams from all over the country had to adjust to the hot weather.

A League City team, The Legends, also qualified for the tournament.

Quidditch is a combination of several sports.

“We’ve got basketball, rugby, dodgeball. We play with dodgeballs, but we also tackle. Full contact,” explained Philip O’Brien with The Legends.

Quidditch was popularized through the Harry Potter series.

In spite of breaks between matches, shady trees and gallons of water, the team from Washington D.C. felt the effects of the forecast.

"So in Washington we’ll have some hot and humid days. Heat waves that go on three to four days,” said Bernardo Burges who traveled from our nation’s capital to play. “But it’s not like this. This is every day. It’s going to be hot, humid and in the 90’s. You know? You walk out of your car and you already start to glisten.”

The National Weather Service used social media, like Twitter, to push our alerts and warnings connected to Saturday’s heat advisory.

“It’s going to be toasty,” said O’Brien. “We had a game just now and there were players laying down at the end, just trying to catch their breath. So, it’s going to be hot and people are going to get tried. But that’s just the nature of playing sports out in the heat in Texas.”

The final Quidditch match will happen Sunday at Hometown Heroes Park.