Houston Astros rising star Alex Bregman has announced that he will play for Team USA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

“It’s an honor,” Bregman said during Astros Fan Fest on Saturday. “I can’t wait. Playing for you country, playing for the red, white and blue is pretty special.”

While this is Bregman’s first chance to play in this particular event, he has played for Team USA in the past, 4 times to be exact.

“Getting to play with such great players, it’s going to be fun,” Bregman said. “It never gets old. You’re playing for everybody in the United States. You have the flag on your chest and it’s exciting.”

Bregman said he doesn’t know what position he’ll play but was told that he would be getting his at bats considering the tournament takes place during Spring Training.

He will leave Astros camp on March 6th to join Team USA.