PINELLAS PARK, Florida - Six children went to the hospital Saturday after they were attacked by hornets while riding horses, Pinellas Park police say.

According to police Lt. Gary Berkheimer, the children, ages 8-15, were riding on a trail when they came across yellow jackets.

Cindy Daughters, of the Saddle Up Riding Center, says one of the horses, 20-year-old Remington, stepped on a hornets' nest that was on the ground.

The riders were stung multiple times. Two were taken to a hospital by emergency responders, and four were taken by their parents.

There was no immediate word on the children's conditions or of any allergic reactions, Berkheimer said.

He said one of the horses was stung more than 100 times, and all the horses had multiple stings.

Daughters said no one would be allowed in the area until the hornets' nest was removed.