A 59-year-old woman died after being run over by an empty horse trailer in Ottawa County, police said.

The incident happened Tuesday, Oct. 4, at the 1300 block of 24th Avenue in Jamestown Township near Hudsonville. Police are still investigating what they are calling an "agricultural accident" as there were no witnesses.

Deputies said Sally Ponstein got pulled under the trailer after exiting the running vehicle for an unknown reason.

A driver passing by found Ponstein's body after seeing the vehicle in the ditch.

The incident occurred at her house.

"She was attempting to leave with the vehicle and for an unknown reason, at this point, she exited her vehicle and failed to place it into park-- leaving it in drive," said Sergeant Eric Westveer of Ottawa County's Sheriff Department. "At that point, she was somehow dragged underneath the trailer We believe the vehicle and the trailer went over top of her. At this point we do not know why."

Deputies say woman lost control of pickup hauling empty horse trailer and was run over. No one witnessed what happened. @wzzm13

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A 60 year old woman is dead after what police call an "agricultural" accident in Jamestown Township near Hudsonville. @wzzm13

A video posted by @phildawsontv on