Chris Spieth loves watching her son’s dreams come true.

“I do love to see when he’s happy playing,” she said.

But that’s not what truly fills her heart with joy.

Chris has two boys. Jordan and Steven, who was one of the best basketball players in the Ivy League this year and the polar opposite of Jordan.

“We used to have a ping pong table,” Chris said. “Jordan, the paddle will be thrown, stomping, the screaming... and my other son just stands there. Win or lose a point, just stands and stares ‘em down.”

Chris Spieth

Chris says, even as a superstar, Jordan hasn’t changed. To this day, she rarely gets caught up in those scuffles because the best medicine is their sister, Ellie.

“They just want her to be joyful because that’s her natural state of mind,” Chris said.

Ellie was born with special needs and Chris had hoped Jordan and his brother could find a way to bond with their sister.

What she got was wonderful.

“I never dreamed when she was born… he always wanted to come back to her,” she said.

Chris says Jordan could win the Masters 100 times and Ellie would still be the family’s MVP.

Jordan Spieth, his brother Steven, and sister Ellie

The love for his sister motivated Jordan to start the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, which gives money to persons with special needs, the military, and junior golf.

“The foundation has given away over $1.2 million already,” Chris said.

As Jordan keeps winning, his heart keeps growing, and nothing makes Chris more proud.

“My husband likes to say we got lucky," she said.

But like golf, it does take skill to be a champion mom.