For Houstonians, 2017 was certainly a year to remember and one wild ride!

As the year comes to a close, we thought you'd enjoy looking back on some of the strangest headlines of 2017.

Here are the top 11 weird headlines on

1. Cops called after guy left duct-taped to sign
<p>Drivers in northeast Houston were doing double takes Wednesday when they spotted some poor guy duct-taped to a yield sign. (Miguel Chavez)</p>

2. Massive home om the market for $137,000 but there's a catch

3. Meet the woman who owns the quirky mannequin mansion

PHOTOS: Inside Richmond's Mannequin Mansion

4. Family pens sarcastic obituary for Galveston man

5. Fake Joel Osteen infiltrates real Joel Osteen event

(Editor's note: NSFW language toward the end of the video)

6. Elderly woman describes bread aisle beatdown at Walmart

7. Jogger nicknamed 'Mad Pooper' wanted for defecating in yards

8. $20 million in cash found hidden in mattress

9. Clean up trash, get free weed

10. Coast Guard solves mystery of mermaid house found floating in Gulf

11. Teen's selfie haunts Facebook with ghostly photo bomb

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