What seems crazier than ordering frozen collard greens for $81.50? Not being able to place an order— because the item is sold out.

Recently, the Internet lost it over Neiman Marcus' made-in-the-USA frozen collard greens retailing at $66 (plus $15.50 for shipping).

If you buy collard greens from Neiman Marcus, you will not get into Heaven.

— Thomas L. Strickland (@ThomasLS) November 1, 2016

Nonetheless, it's in demand and sold out Thursday.

Don't expect to feed an army with the high-priced dish. The 12-ounce tray serves about eight to 10 people, according to the product description. Aside from added "garnishes as inspiration for your own presentations," the side looks like an average collard greens spread with bacon.

For those upset they can't place an order, Neiman Marcus recommends the Baked Bean Medley for $80 (plus $18 for shipping) or the Complete Brisket Dinner for $235 (plus $29 for shipping).

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