Video of a teacher yanking a microphone away from an autistic first-grader has sparked outrage across the country.

Six-year-old Caleb Squires was dressed as a turkey for the first-grade play in Harrison County, West Virginia. Just as he was about to say his favorite “gobble, gobble” lines, the teacher took his mic away.

Dad Ken Squires said Caleb as in tears.

"For them to do what they did is very appalling to me," Squires said.

His wife was in the audience and shot video of the incident.

Harrison County School Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin says there was no malice intent and the teacher feels terrible.

"There's no way to defend it, OK? We saw it, I saw it -- the 17 second snippet -- there's no way to defend it,” Manchin admitted.

Manchin said the play had already ended and the school never received a permission slip from Caleb’s parents. He said the teacher will not be disciplined.