A video making the rounds on YouTube and Reddit allegedly shows students at a New York high school completely grossed out by their chocolate milk.

The video titled “Gross Milk at Catskill High School” shows a student pouring out a brown, slimy, gelatin-like goo instead of milk. (Warning: YouTube video link contains 'mature' language')

On Reddit, one user had a theory as to why the possibly expired milk came out slimy instead of chunky, as old milk usually does:

“As a dairy worker. This is what happens when you leave milk out for over 6 hours then try to refrigerate it. The milk is curdled, then cooled down. That best before date is a guess at best. In my experience, well stored milk lasts even longer than the best before date before even starting to smell, but poor handling can spoil it much faster.”

Opposingviews.com reports a similar incident happened at a high school in Maryland. Video evidence at that school showed the students were given hallowed out chicken nuggets, expired fruit and moldy apple juice.