DENVER -- At the Winter Park Ski Area, the snow’s been great, with 216 inches on the year – which, as odd as it sounds, might explain why Director of Public Relations Steve Hurlbert is wearing a shiny, well-made aluminum foil hat.

"We know from our own research that aliens really love snow," Hurlbert said.

Snow-loving alien life forms might also explain why some say a spaceship was spotted on a Winter Park webcam flying over the ski area back in November.

"It’s not chance that we are getting great snow, and there happens to be some alien visitation, someone who monitors our cloud seeding had noticed on the town webcam a black dot that looks suspiciously like an alien space craft," Hurlbert said.

It's not much, a small black dot over Winter Park, not a helicopter or plane, maybe some dirt … or a spaceship.

According to some reports, it could be a craft flying in and out of a secret alien base -- which makes sense in a resort town known to have a lot second homeowners.

"The website says there is an alien base in the Winter Park area and Winter Park has been known for years of being a great destination for second home owners so it wouldn't surprise us, " Hurlbert said. The UFO hasn't been seen again, but just in case, Steve has his ET mind control prevention aluminum hat.

"Haven’t seen any of the alien ships here myself, but we always want to be prepared here at Winter Park,” Hurlbert said.