Despite all the tension around the presidential election, one south Georgia man is not the least bit stressed about the outcome. That's because, he says, he doesn't know who won the election.

Joe Chandler said he’s locked himself into a sort of special "cone of silence."

“Well, I started out just needing a breather from it,” he said. “I wanted to give myself 24 hours.”

Chandler could be the only person in the world who does not know the results of the American presidential election.

“The only cognizant person who's not in a coma or down in a cave - and even then they might be able to get a signal on their cell phone,” said Chandler.

Chandler began election night the same way everyone else did -- glued to a TV, but after a few hours:

“I just didn't have it in me,” Chandler said. “I’m like, 'I’ve got to step off this insane merry go round; I just don't want to know. I’ll look in the morning.”

The next morning turned into the next afternoon then the next night. Before Joe knew it, he was ringing in hour 56 of post-election blissful ignorance.

That's not to say he doesn't go out. He just takes along a few extra tools, including headphones and a sign.

“Even if I overhear another conversation like, ‘Can you believe he won, can you believe she won all it would take is a pronoun.”

He's just got a very specific set of rules.

“When I people, I say, ‘Listen, before we begin the conversation, I don’t know who won, and I don’t want to, so please don't tell me and people have honored that,” Chandler said.

Well most people. Joe swears he's not crazy, as he puts it: “The ignorance is sort of blissful actually."

In the endless echo chamber of political bickering, maybe the rest of us should get in on his little secret.

“I'd like to make it to 2020, but I'll be lucky to make it to next Tuesday,” he said.

Chandler is fully committed to this self-imposed quarantine.

When 11Alive’s Blayne Alexander called him to set up this story, his phone was off. We had to get his daughter to send someone over to the house to knock on the door and tell him we were on the way.

Chandler said he won’t even watch this story to see himself on TV. He’d prefer to stay in the dark.

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