This Missouri native may only be three, but she is already quite the character. And now, little Audrey is capturing the national spotlight for her unique choice of a birthday party theme: poop.

“For months, any time we would talk about her party, she said she wanted ‘poop balloons and poop cake,’” Audrey’s mother, Rebecca, tells CBS News.

Audrey’s parents tried suggesting a princess theme. They tried suggesting Daniel Tiger, which is the little girl’s favorite TV show. But every time they brought it up, little Audrey was unflinching in her resolve for the theme she wanted.

“We tried to suggest other ideas, but every time we asked it was always poop,” Rebecca recalls.

So, after much consideration, she and her husband decided to just roll with it. They went out and bought poop balloons and a poop piñata filled with tootsie rolls and Hershey’s kisses. They even purchased whoopie cushions to hand out as party favors.

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