As if real-life Snakes on a Plane weren't enough, some snakes just can't give up surprising drivers on the go.

Mundoo Island Station, an Australian-based cattle and sheep farm in southern Australia, posted a status to Facebook Monday detailing an encounter that left one driver rattled.

"Driving from Adelaide to Mundoo Island Station, 100km/h, with an hour still to drive, a snake popped up in front of me under my bonnet," said the poster. "It scared the living daylights out of me!

"He stayed with us all the way and could not be coaxed out of the engine well. I have left my car in the middle of a paddock and hope that he finds his way out tonight."

The snake, which was identified as a red-bellied black snake, was seen in the video slowly rising out of the hood of the car's hood as the driver filmed it. According to the post, the driver made the full drive with the snake still in the hood, 'hopeful that new cars don't have any gaps that a snake could move from the engine well into the internal section of the car.'

Read the full Facebook post below.

And in case you wondering if the snake decided to take the journey back home after his car ride, well, it didn't. Because if there is anything snakes like to do, hanging out and terrifying people seems to be one of their favorite activities.

Oh, Australia.