Bella Bales is almost certainly a few years away from having any concept what she accomplished one warm day on the water of Soda Lakes in Jefferson County.

It all makes you wonder what she’ll eventually say to her parents the day she’s finally able to talk to them about what they did.

“She’s already adventurous. You can tell,” insists her father Randy.

That might be true, but adventurous enough to water ski?

“Well, leading a fulfilling life sometimes takes a measurement of risk and reward,” replies Randy.

Six months and 25 days into her life, Bella Bales took off from the shores of Soda Lakes and, according to most available accounts, broke a record for youngest water skier.

To be clear, 9NEWS did not record her water skiing effort. We had no idea it had taken place until we saw it on YouTube.

And we should also say does not include an entry for youngest water skier. Interestingly enough, however, the oldest female was 90 years old.

So there will be no reward for trying to break any record.

But Bella’s parents believe she was ready. Dad was a lifeguard for more than ten years. He was also in charge of the rope and ready to jump in the water on a moment’s notice.

The two practiced for weeks on the family’s kitchen floor with a contraption Randy built himself.

Bella wasn’t even old enough to walk at the time, but she was fully capable of standing with the help of a PVC pipe handle.

Don’t agree with what they did? Bella’s parents say they’re completely comfortable with what happened.

They won’t be back to Soda Lakes anytime soon however. No need to do this twice, they figure.