FRISCO, Texas -- If you want a simple, glazed donut, go somewhere else. Hurts Donut in Frisco takes it to another level.

"They're oversized, they're just crazy, kooky, funny names," said owner Keith Selby.

Names like Homer and Cereal Killer, with unusual toppings. Now, Hurts may be topping itself. A Facebook post Tuesday promising to scare the "sh... shprinkles" out of your friends has gone viral.

A creepy clown will deliver the donuts to addresses in Frisco Monday and Tuesday. The post has been shared over 1,400 times.

Co-owner Cheryl Selby can barely keep up, even WFAA's interview was interrupted by the phone ringing. "I'm just totally surprised, totally surprised we're getting that many responses," she said. "I have a lot of phone calls to make."

There have been more than 100 calls so far.

"People are evil," exclaimed Cheryl, with a smile. "The funniest thing is when the wives are calling to prank their husbands, and they're so giddy and excited about it."

Many of the other calls, they say, are from bosses who want to have a little fun with employees. Of course, their scary clown can't arrive in any old car. So if you see an old ambulance wrapped like a glazed donut, well, you've been warned.

"I think some people will be kind of scared, I'm six feet tall, coming in with a scary clown outfit," said Cheryl's husband, Keith.

He'll be in the driver's seat on Monday. On Tuesday, he'll don the clown outfit himself. "I just think it's hilarious that he's doing this," said Cheryl.

"Kind of like our name, Hurts Donut. We want it to hurt a little bit. Make it different," said Keith.

It's so successful, Keith quit his corporate job Thursday to focus on the donut shop full time, like Cheryl did when it opened back in January, with lines out the door.

After all, the clown is just the kickoff to Hurts new delivery service. Hurts is a Springfield-based chain with several locations around the country.

If you would like a scary clown to deliver donuts, remember, Hurts Donut will only deliver in Frisco Monday and Tuesday. It costs $15 for a dozen donuts, plus a $10 delivery fee.

Hurts Donut is considering expanding delivery to other cities if they get enough response.