GREENSBORO, N.C. -- If you've ever had something stolen from you, over time you don't expect to ever get it back, especially if the theft happened in high school.

What if we told you a man has been reunited with his wallet that was taken from his locker when he was in high in 1977!

A Greensboro man had given up on ever seeing or hearing about that wallet. That is...until a friend brought it to his house last week...40 years later!

"When he knocked on my door, he said, do you recognize this? I said I can't tell you what I said but I said oh snap!"

Someone stole Sylvester "Buddy" Haith's wallet from the Smith High School gym back in 1977.

They took it with family pictures, a blood card, his social security card, and a brand new driver's license all inside.

"I'm proud and glad I got the wallet back. My dad gave me this wallet," said Haith.

After 40 years, the wallet is mildewed and moldy, but what's inside is still special.

"All my pictures, my beautiful sisters, my first sweetheart - my high school sweetheart. All the pictures are still good in it."

A worker found it during demolition while removing some duct work at Smith High.

It all goes to show...your past can sometimes find you.