YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- Picture this: a man breaks into your home, takes a bath in your Jacuzzi, tries on your clothes and smokes cigarettes in your bed all while you're on vacation.

That's exactly what happened in one Kiln Creek home over the New Year holiday.

Deputies arrested a man accused of those very acts after a neighbor found him inside the home.

Samuel Ciopasiu, who authorities say is homeless, was arrested on New Year's Eve for breaking and entering and grand larceny after being discovered in a home in the 100 block of Barrington Place.

The neighbor called deputies after he went to the home to check on the house and look for a package that had been delivered at that address.

When he got there, he found the package opened in the back yard and the food contents half eaten.

He entered the home, followed the smell of cigarette smoke where he found Ciopasiu smoking in the homeowner's bed.

Ciopasiu then ran from the home after being discovered where he was tackled by the neighbor and detained until deputies arrived.

Ciopasiu told authorities that he had gone into the home because he was homeless and saw the package on the porch. He decided to the salmon in the package before going into the home.

Deputies say it appears he had laid on all the beds and couches until he found one he liked, then allegedly took baths and washed clothes in the homeowner's jacuzzi.

He also apparently put on some of the homeowner's clothes so he could wear clean clothing.

Deputies are unsure at this time how Ciopasiu broke into the home, but they did find some unsecured windows and marks on a back door.

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