(CBS) -- There really are certain things you need to see to believe and this is one of those circumstances.

Simon Smith was just minding his own business and then all of a sudden he was hit head-on by a bus.

Smith, 53, was by a bus stop in Berkshire, England when the accident took place but it’s what happened afterwards that will leave you shaking your head.

Smith got up, brushed himself off and went to the bar.

On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgmtpc34sDE

According to metro.co.uk:

Daniel Fraifeld, 50, who co-owns the Purple Turtle bar, said: ‘I think he [Simon] pretty much got up, brushed himself down and then an ambulance came and took him to be checked.‘He got looked over and didn’t have any lasting injuries – but he’s covered in scrapes and bruises.

The story goes on to say that the accident happened at 9:13 in the morning, what throws me for a loop is the fact the bar was open at 9 in the morning. I guess in England people like to take in a pint at any time of the day.

This video and story is absolutely amazing and the fact that Simon Smith got up.