LAKE CONROE, Texas - A Craigslist ad claims there's a Russian submarine for sale in Lake Conroe for $1.25 million.

Charlie Thompson, who is in charge of sales at Lakeshore Sports at the lake in Montgomery, posted the picture Thursday morning to Craigslist.

The title of the ad is, "The most fun on the water! or under...Used Russian sub."

It continues: "Well cared for and low hours, you should see everyone's face light up when we pull up at Sams Boat on Lake Conroe! The torpedo tubes have just been polished and new periscope installed late 2016. Its a lot of sub for the money at 175 meter length, full kitchen, satellite radio, sleeps 134."

Thompson said he's a Craigslist junkie and did it just as a joke. To his surprise, half a dozen people responded to the ad, creating some unintentional marketing and attention for the boat shop.

"Some guy wanted some parts made from the submarine," Thompson said. "One guy said, 'Are you serious?' I've had several e-mails, and it just kind of blew up."

KHOU 11 News was the only inquirer who went for an in-person look.

"I thought it was a joke when you emailed me or I was in trouble," Thompson said referring to KHOU 11 reporter Josh Chapin. "I thought I was in trouble with the law. I really did."