It's not your ordinary three-course meal. Texas A&M Agrilife Extention Service of Bexar County offered up a creepy crawly dinner for dozens of people brave enough to eat bugs... with a Mexican theme.

It's known as Insecta Fiesta!

"It's a sustainable form of agriculture because they take less grain, less water, less space, and they provide more protein," said Molly Keck, an entomologist with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service

The menu kicked off with a special dipping cheese: Fire ant queso. Next on the menu: waxworm guacamole.

The 4-H kids like the mealworm salsa.

"The mealworms taste like almonds, sort of like nuts, and then the crickets taste a lot like popcorn," the 4-H kids said.

"Here we have our vegetarian enchiladas with a poblano cream sauce, but the tortilla is actually made from cricket flour and corn meal, so it's actually a cricket tortilla. And then you can mix it with other things you would normally use to make flour tortillas," Natalie Cervantes said.

"Pound for pound, there's more protein than beef, chicken, or pork," Keck said.

Bring on the bugs!