CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A new type of facial is promising to be the next big thing for skincare.

But here's the catch: one of the ingredients is breast milk.

At Mud Facial Bar on Governor Morrison Street, they take pride in taking a "natural approach" to skin care.

"We use all-organic products that you see on the wall," said Mud Facial Bar Owner Kerri Flanigan.

And it doesn't get more natural than milk from a new mother.

"They're all on an all-organic diet," Flanigan said. "They meet certain standards, and of course, we make sure to get the freshest milk."

NBC Charlotte's Tanya Mendis decided to give the facial a try.

"I have breast milk on my face right now," Mendis said. "Once you get over the fact that there's another woman's breast milk on your face, it feels good. It feels creamy."

Flanigan said the facial is perfect for acne, sensitive skin and sunburns.

"Breast milk in general helps fight bacteria," Flanigan said. "It's got natural antibodies that fight infection."