As a kid, my family camped out on the beaches of Galveston all the time. I used to dream of catching big waves with my rented surfboard. Only problem is that due to the shape of the coast line and other factors it's difficult to get good waves to ride on the upper Texas coast.

But every once in a while, conditions get good. And this weekend will be one of those times. In fact it's already starting to get good. Take a look at the picture I grabbed from our weatherbug camera at the San Louis Resort this evening.

Do you see it? Look closer, the waves are coming in with nice spacing in between each swell. That rarely happens in Galveston. We usually get what I call the 'washing machine' wave effect with small waves breaking all over the place. If a big one does finally come, it gets washed out and impossible to ride by all the small trash waves.

However, when the wind speed and direction are just right, and persists over a period of days, the wave action can set up just right for clean swells, nicely spaced and easy to ride. Wave heights should be 3'-4' in the near shore waters through the weekend. No, the waves are not huge, but are near perfect for experienced surfers and even better if you are a beginner. By Galveston standards, that's good surf. And with the water temp currently in the comfortable upper 70's, you have no excuse not to head down this weekend and hang ten!