Every now and then conditions come together just right to give us a nice taste of Fall color. Though we rarely get much of a show, here in the Houston area the dry weather is already bringing out a 'quick hit' of reds and oranges before the leaves fall to the ground.

Dry weather will produce the most vibrant leaf colors. That's because trees a little starved for moisture will reveal their colors faster. The trees outside the KHOU11 studio on Allen Pkwy. are already starting to change over, but they are VERY dry and some are already dying and falling off.

If things get too dry (kind of like they are now) the leaves change, then dry up and fall to the ground faster than normal. This one was very dry and crispy and crunched up in my hand. But since we rarely get much in the way of color anyway, I'll take the quick shot of Fall color. Even if it means we'll be raking them up off the ground sooner than normal too.