I personally know people. People who have normal jobs, families, lives. Professional people... who, like me, believe that Bigfoot may actually exist. One of these 'seemingly' normal persons I know actually spends a week each year camping in east Texas, for the sole purpose of hunting down Bigfoot. This guy swears he has seen a Bigfoot on several occasions. He tells me the story of how one late afternoon in November he and a fellow Bigfoot tracker walked into a clearing in the Piney Woods of east Texas, only to find what looked to them like a mother and two adolescent Bigfoot bathing in a stream.

As a kid, it was not dragons or UFO's or ghosts that scared me. It was Bigfoot. This footage of Bigfoot from Leonard Nimoy's 'In Search Of' (now known to be a hoax!) peeked my curiosity and scared me even more! I clearly remember the terror I felt, imagining that Bigfoot was going to jump out at me as I rode my bike home from friends houses in the neighborhood at night. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who believes. Here's a link to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center.