Today's taste of winter was perfect. We got our little bit of sleet, freezing rain and even a flurry reported in Cleveland, without any of the travel trouble that usually comes along with it. That's because although we had ice falling from the sky, the temperature of the roadways, bridges and overpasses stayed above freezing. This eliminated any travel threat.

Just a few feet above ground level, temps did drop below freezing. This allowed a little ice to form on exposed surfaces like fencing and even trees near Simonton in Ft. Bend county.

It's a good idea to cover tropical plants and flowers tonight for all inland areas. Everyone, even the Galveston coast will be below freezing for several hours tonight. A hard freeze warning is up for areas north and west of Houston. Lows will be in the upper teens and low 20's from Tomball northward. That's where outdoor faucets and pipes should be wrapped to protect from freezing and cracking.