Right now, from Miami to Jacksonville, thousands of people are suddenly realizing that they have no supplies and are not even close to being ready for Major Hurricane Matthew. So they are all at once, trying to buy food, water, gasoline, batteries, diapers and medicine if it crosses their mind.. etc. How well do you think that will go? I've seen it first hand and it is not pretty.

THIS is why we here at KHOU11 News spend so much time showing you how to prepare for a big storm so you don't have to go out in the last minute and attempt to get things in a panic.

Do you live near the coast? Are you in a potential surge zone? Do you know your evacuation route? Here's a link to that information at KHOU.com Hurricane Central.

Are you inland, away from a flood zone, and plan on staying during and after the storm? What and how much food and water do I need for my family? Medicine? Pets? KHOU.com hurricane supples list.

It may look overwhelming, but if you get the basics... food, water, medicine and keep gas in your car, you'll be way ahead the next time a big one comes our way. And YOU won't have to go out in the panic.