WALLER COUNTY, Texas - Some Waller County residents say they want the county District Attorney, county Judge and Waller County Sheriff  to resign.

Calls for Sheriff Glenn Smith to resign came in on Wednesday from the DA, Elton Mathis and the judge after problems at the county jail.

The two requested the Sheriff's resignation on behalf of Commissioner's Court.

They say the sheriff has mismanaged the Waller County Jail. They point to recent incidents of sexual assault inside the jail, security problems, and other issues related to the highly publicized case of Sandra Bland in 2015.

On Thursday, Smith responded saying he isn't going anywhere.

Residents in Waller County say they want change. Activists said if all three don't step down, the state needs to look into what is happening at the jail.

"All three have to go otherwise we will be back here in three months for something else having to do with improprieties in the county jail." said Dwayne Charleston.

Mathis said he has had a long conversation with Sheriff Smith and believes he understands how serious the situation is.

Both he and the county Judge say they support the Sheriff if he follows through on his plans for making changes in the jail.

"So at this point I'm gonna wait and see. I'm taking him at his word. It's really not my job to come in unless there's something major, new that comes to light to undo the will of the voters." said Mathis.